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Your favorite HOA documents acquisition platform for better closings

We acquire all HOA documents so you can close more transactions and create happier outcomes for your clients.


HOA documents are a lot of work

Acquiring HOA documents is one of the most significant obstacles for real estate transactions.

It involves a myriad of manual steps, from establishing if there is an HOA and finding their contact information to chasing the seller to pay the documents fees and hopefully receiving the correct documents. On average, 38 hours are wasted for every 50 transactions involving an HOA – almost a week wasted on chasing after HOA documents.

Ultimately, transactions are routinely thrown off-track or delayed because of missing, late, or wrong HOA information.

That’s why we reinvented the process

Our platform uses advanced machine learning combined with the biggest HOA database on the market to acquire all HOA documents you need.

Going a step further, our algorithm extracts all the useful information from the documents, so you never have to open them again.

Throughout the whole process, our best-in-class customer service makes you feel in control of the transaction, making your deadlines our deadlines.

Documents we acquire

  • Resale certificate (Estoppel)
  • Demand letter (Status letter)
  • CIC documents
  • CC&Rs
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Condo/Lenders Questionnaire
  • Bylaws
  • Financials
  • Reserve Studies
  • Covenants
  • Meeting minutes
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Architectural guidelines
  • And anything else you need, including custom documents

Actionable data at your fingertips

Our HOA Highlights and Closing Details summaries expose all the crucial information you need. HOA fees, contact information, leasing restrictions, amounts due to the HOA and PM at closing, and more are displayed so you can focus on doing what you do best and close with ease.

HOA Highlights
HOA names
Very Happy Homeowners’ Association
PM name
star property management
PM phone
+1 800 801 8002
First Refusal
HOA does not have the right to first refusal
Lease Restrictions
No short term lease, minimum 12 month lease is requried
HOA Reserves
Instructions for Hoa dues
Make check payable to and send to : Very Happy Homewners’ AssociationPO box 1234 city, state, zip code
Closing Details
Owner outstanding balance
Owners’s Current Balance: $172.83 ($14.86 Late Free, $80.73 Collection Fee, $77.60 July to Sept. Assessments)
Amounts due to HOA at closing
October to December Assessments: $77.60 Owner’s Current Balance: $172.83
Amount due to PM at closing
Transfer Fee: $150
Instructions to pay PM at closing
Include this confirmation number XYZ123 on the check for $150.00 playable to and send to the address below. Start Property Management PO Box 1111 City, State, Zip Code
Instructions how to pay HOA at closing
Including this sonfirmation number ABC123 on the check for $250.43 playable to and send to Very Happy Homeowner’s Association PO Box 1234 City, State, ZIP Code

Integration Types

    Title Production Software integration
  • li Order HOA documents from your title production platform with a few clicks
  • li Never have to login to any other platform
  • li Chat messages and files delivered to your dashboard
  • li Most suitable for companies that use commercial title production platforms
    Email Integration
  • li Order HOA documents via email
  • li Emails can be sent from your internal systems in an automated way
  • li Easy and quick to set up without heavy engineering effort
  • li Most suitable for companies where engineering resources are constrained and API integration is not an option
    API Integration
  • li Seamlessly order HOA documents by calling our secure API
  • li Setup rules to create orders in a fully automated manner
  • li All documents and messages are delivered via API directly to your internal systems
  • li Most suitable for companies looking to build scalable and automated processes

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What our clients say about us?
Michelle Rose, Partner, Closing Day Settlements
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Number #1 with efficiency and detailed reports
I highly Recommend Marina Hubenova and sending all orders to InspectHOA. I love sending all my orders through their client portal or in Qualia. They are number #1 with efficiency and detailed reports. I never think twice on placing my orders with them.
Michelle Rose, Partner, Closing Day Settlements
Shawna Hernandez, Director of Escrow Operations, Endpoint
linked website
A reliable partner for technology and innovation
We do believe that closing requires professional expertise, but there
are opportunities to use technology and automation to enhance the

We are constantly tweaking and refining our processes, so we needed a
partner that would go along this journey with us. And InspectHOA is exactly that.
Shawna Hernandez, Director of Escrow Operations, Endpoint
Cristina Sadler, Escrow Officer, TransCounty
linked website
Taking back control of HOA documentation
“I was worried the job wouldn’t get done, but it always gets done! It’s worth it; it’s beyond worth it!"
Cristina Sadler, Escrow Officer, TransCounty
Scott Young, EasyKnock
linked website
A solution to a historical problem
"InspectHOA has been an instrumental partner in mitigating risk and creating efficiencies in our acquisition process. They are the solution to a historical problem that title companies and other vendors face in every transaction."
Scott Young, EasyKnock
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