Optimize your payments and all HOA-related processes
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InspectHOA x paymints.io partnership allows you to do more with less effort:

  • verify if the property has an HOA
  • request and obtain necessary docs
  • streamline the payment process

InspectHOA gives back time to Title companies

You never have to deal with HOAs ever again! We standardize and digitize the HOA piece of closing process saving 38 hours on every 50 transactions.

This means you can close more deals quickly and easily and never have a transaction delayed because of missing or late HOA information.

As a paymints.io subscriber, you get 5 FREE orders

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    A full year of free cancellations on any HOA orders for paymints customers


    Valid for both: orders that don’t close and orders that don’t have an HOA associated with the address.
    All you need to do is become a user by January 31st, 2023.

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    Our partnership with paymints.io

    InspectHOA partners with paymints.io to automate and streamline real estate closings.

    Paymints.io is a digital and secure way for escrow holders and settlement agents to disburse out to HOAs without the manual check-writing process. Escrow holders & settlement agents can also disburse funds to clients or vendors using their proprietary platform.


    You get a 100% reliable tool that will

    • acquire all necessary documents
    • front document fees
    • handle all HOA interactions
    • remove the dependency on the seller to confirm HOA details
    • save hundreds of dollars in rush fees
    • extract and summarize key insights
    • onboard the buyer with the HOA

    Our powerful mix of industry expertise and cutting-edge technology allows title companies to close more deals quickly and easily and never have a transaction delayed because of missing or late HOA information.

    Here is our exact process

    Submit a request

    Login to our client portal and submit a new request (usually, the address of the property, the seller’s name, and the closing date). A tracker appears for you to check on our progress which looks almost exactly like this timeline. If you have any questions during the process, we will respond to you within 30 minutes through the portal.

    Order received

    At this stage we find the respective HOA for the property. Your request starts the automated search in our nationwide database (largest on the market), when the HOA is found in the database, the analyst makes sure it is the right one for the address.

    In case the HOA is not in our list, we go through the library of country records related to the property, city maps, and CC&R documentation to determine the HOA that is attached to the property.

    HOA confirmed

    We contact the HOA to make sure they can provide the required documents on time before the closing date. We let you know the ETA on the documents immediately. If you need them faster than the ETA, we check for rush order options. You authorize the the order through the client portal – we get to work.

    Documents ordered

    We wait for the documents to arrive while gently nugging the HOAs to send them 🙂

    Documents received

    This is the magic moment. Our Natural Language Processing algorithm has a 99.8% accuracy in searching hundreds of pages of legal documents and extracting the relevant information (like leasing restrictions, etc.) with direct links to the corresponding sections in the document. So you can check any detail at any time.

    Our QA team makes sure that we have all the correct documents and creates a one-page summary of the fees due, unresolved violations, and the address to send the check to.

    Order complete

    Here is where you perceive the complete set of documents and the one-page summary – with no additional worries or time wasted.

    Check and track your order status
    Order received
    1-4 hours
    HOA confirmed
    Documents ordered
    5-10 days*
    Documents received
    within 12 hours
    Order complete

    *depending on the state

    InspectHOA client portal

    Documents we acquire

    • Resale certificate (Estoppel)
    • Demand letter (Status letter)
    • CIC documents
    • CC&Rs
    • Rules and Regulations
    • Condo/Lenders Questionnaire
    • Bylaws
    • Financials
    • Reserve Studies
    • Covenants
    • Meeting minutes
    • Insurance Certificate
    • Architectural guidelines
    • And anything else you need, including custom documents

    What happens when you redeem your orders

    Our free trial gives you a taste of our platform and the exact results what you would get when using our platform


    Fill out the form to redeem your 3 free orders. Our representative will contact you to confirm your details and give you a platform tour so that you can enjoy its full capabilities. You will have the same access level as our clients and will be able to understand whether our platform is the right choice for you.

    Submit 3 orders

    After our representative walks you through the order submission process and explains the next steps, you will have 3 completely free orders. This means we will acquire, analyze, and send you 3 processed orders of HOA documents along with one-page reports on the key closing insights for free, with no strings attached.

    The documents will be checked by our QA team before sending and you will be able to track the progress using the tracker on our platform. You will also have a dedicated support analyst to clear any questions or concerns during the process.

    After the trial

    After we deliver your 3 orders, you can decide whether you would like to become our customer. We will walk you through our pricing and integration options to ensure you get the most out of our product. Or we will part our ways here if you decide it is not the right fit for you.

    What our clients say about us?
    Diana Casella, Ideal Title
    A vendor that cares
    We’ve only been working with you all for a little while, but so far my team is singing nothing but praise and relief at finally having a Vendor that cares about these files as much as we do.
    Diana Casella, Ideal Title
    Michelle Rose, Partner, Closing Day Settlements
    linked website
    Number #1 for efficiency
    I highly Recommend Marina Hubenova and sending all orders to InspectHOA. I love sending all my orders through their client portal or in Qualia. They are number #1 with efficiency and detailed reports. I never think twice on placing my orders with them.
    Michelle Rose, Partner, Closing Day Settlements
    Shawna Hernandez, Director of Escrow Operations, Endpoint
    linked website
    A partner for innovation
    We are constantly tweaking and refining our processes, so we needed a reliable partner that would go along this journey with us. And InspectHOA is exactly that.
    Shawna Hernandez, Director of Escrow Operations, Endpoint
    Lori, Escrow Support Supervisor
    A huge win for us
    Your team discovered the lien and let us know so we were able to get the payoff statement. We were also able to revisit the research and find the recorded lien.

    This is a huge win for us – so THANK YOU for all you do!
    Lori, Escrow Support Supervisor
    Cristina Sadler, Escrow Officer, TransCounty
    linked website
    A way to take back control
    “I was worried the job wouldn’t get done, but it always gets done! It’s worth it; it’s beyond worth it!"
    Cristina Sadler, Escrow Officer, TransCounty
    Scott Young, EasyKnock
    linked website
    A solution to a historical problem
    "InspectHOA has been an instrumental partner in mitigating risk and creating efficiencies in our acquisition process. They are the solution to a historical problem that title companies and other vendors face in every transaction."
    Scott Young, EasyKnock
    Brad Honn, Senior Director of Escrow and Title Operations, Homeward
    linked website
    Worry-free closings
    “As we all know, HOA issues can really blow up and cause a lot of problems for closing. So it helps us all sleep better knowing that there is not going to be a problem, or anything we forgot on the order, or an update that we forgot to complete before closing the transaction. Because we have a great partner InspectHOA, making sure that those things don’t happen to us.”
    Brad Honn, Senior Director of Escrow and Title Operations, Homeward
    You will hear from us soon