What is an HOA inspection, and how does it work?
HOAs can be notoriously obscure but it doesn’t have to be this way.
We bring transparency and order to the HOA world.
Buying or owning a home comes with risks. That’s why you order a home inspection.
For the first time ever, you can now inspect your HOA as well.
We will

  • Examine the financial situation of your HOA
  • Summarize all rules and regulations that impact you
  • Warn you about signs of trouble like litigations, defaults and more
  • Help you understand what kind of mortgage loans are available to you (FHA/VA eligibility and more)

Here is how we do it.​
1. No one likes reading HOA documents. Let us do it for you.
We will read your Budget, Bylaws, CC&Rs, Estoppel and all other relevant documents and save you

  • 10 hours of reading more than 300 pages or
  • $350 you would pay your accountant and lawyer
2. Then we will analyze and compare your HOA to thousands of properties in the country.
Do you have even a slight idea if your HOA is doing a good job? How about relative to your neighbor’s?

  • Are your fees higher or lower than average?
  • Are you paying too much for insurance or gardening or pool management? We compare every single expense.
  • Does your HOA have enough reserves? Is a special assessment likely?
  • Are your bylaws and regulations too restrictive? We look at lease restrictions, pets policy and every single rule that impacts your life.
  • FHA or VA eligibility?
Finally we will perform an extensive search for signs of trouble. Our team of experts checks for:

  • Litigations against the HOA
  • Foreclosures
  • Overdue and defaulted unites
  • Sex offenders and other crimes on the premises
  • Ratio of owners vs renters
  • Community and HOA board diversity: ethnic, racial, gender and age breakdown (coming soon)

Then you get all this in an easy to read and understand report.
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