Document Acquisition

We obtain all HOA documents so you can close transactions quickly

Dealing with HOAs can be slow and frustrating.
So let us save you the trouble !
HOA documents are a lot of work
HOA documents are legally required for closing real estate transactions. This means that someone (Escrow officer, Agent) has to acquire these documents from the HOA board or property management company. Unfortunately, the process is quite arduous and causes delays and cancellations of transactions.
Documents we acquire
Resale certificate (Estoppel), Rules and Regulations, Bylaws, Financials Budgets, Condo Questionnaire, Covenants, Insurance Certificate, Meeting minutes, Reserve Studies, Architectural guidelines, anything else you need including custom documents which need to be filled.
Our Solution
We acquire all HOA documents for you. With our team of 40 HOA specialists, nationwide coverage, and intuitive technology, you get all documents fast and easy while having constant contact with us. We manage all HOA communication so you can focus on closing more transactions.
Our technology makes all documents searchable, so you can quickly get crucial but difficult to find information. Then, going one step further, we extract and summarize this essential information (restrictions, reserves, closing instructions, and more) so you don’t even have to open the documents.
HOA Highlights
Closing Details
  • HOA names
    Very Happy Homeowners’ Association
  • PM name
    star property management
  • PM phone
    +1 800 801 8002
  • First Refusal
    HOA does not have the right to first refusal
  • Lease Restrictions
    No short term lease, minimum 12 month lease is requried
  • HOA Reserves
  • Instructions for Hoa dues
    Make check payable to and send to : Very Happy Homewners’ AssociationPO box 1234 city, state, zaip code
  • Owner outstanding balance
    Owners's Current Balance: $172.83 ($14.86 Late Free, $80.73 Collection Fee, $77.60 July to Sept. Assessments)
  • Amounts due to HOA at closing
    October to December Assessments: $77.60 Owner's Current Balance: $172.83
  • Amount due to PM at closing
    Transfer Fee: $150
  • Instructions to pay PM at closing
    Include this confirmation number XYZ123 on the check for $150.00 playable to and send to the address below. Start Property Management PO Box 1111 City, State, Zip Code
  • Instructions how to pay HOA at closing
    Including this sonfirmation number ABC123 on the check for $250.43 playable to and send to Very Happy Homeowner's Association PO Box 1234 City, State, ZIP Code

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