Millions of home owners pay monthly dues to Homeowner Associations (HOA) for managing common areas, shared structures, and exteriors.

Understanding HOA finances and operations is a must to protect your home. Our inspection is designed to deeply understand your HOA and highlight any risks of owning a HOA managed home.

Our team of engineers and data scientists use advanced machine learning to seek out fraud and mis-management to protect your investment.

A poorly managed Homeowners Association can cost you thousands of dollars and affect the value of your property. Seventy percent of HOAs are underfunded, which means that residents will payer higher costs in the future.

Our data driven health check summarizes important financial and operational aspects of your HOA. By comparing your HOA to similar building HOAs in the neighborhood, we can tell if your HOA is mismanaged or overpaying for expenses. Finally, we provide an estimate of future increases in HOA fees, so that you can plan your finances better.

This report is based on information supplied by the HOA and other publicly available databases. Other information, including problems with the property, may not have been reported. Use this report as one important tool along with property inspection and HOA due diligence to make a better decision about your investment. We recommend that you discuss this report in detail with your attorney or agent.

Not necessarily. Our goal is to shine a light on your HOA’s health so that you understand the true risks of investing in that property. You can use our analysis and our prediction of HOA dues to judge whether your purchase price makes sense for you.

We take 3 business days to run an inspection report. If you have an urgent request, please email us at senddocs@inspecthoa.com and we will try our best to escalate.


We use a systematic algorithm that analyzes hundreds of pages of HOA documents. Our proprietary machine learning algorithm then takes various financial and operational measures of each HOA and compares it to local and national averages. For example, if an HOA pays higher expenses than similar neighboring buildings, their score will be lower than average.

Yes, scores can change as we get new information for an HOA. If we see improved financial or operational health our systematic algorithm will provide a revised score.


Yes, please ask for a refund within 30 days by emailing us at senddocs@inspecthoa.com

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