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HOA Fees and Expenses: Where is Your Money Going?
Educational, Financials, Oct 09, 2020
There is no better feeling than being a homeowner, but sometimes owning your own home can feel like a lot of work. Mowing your lawn, replacing that old furnace, or even fixing a leaky faucet...
HOA Reserves in Jar
HOA Reserves: How Much Does Your Association Need to Set Aside
Educational, Financials, Oct 09, 2020
Much like running a traditional corporate business, operationally, the functions of a homeowners association tend to overlap in many ways. For example, there is a board of directors, a set of underlying rules or principles...
HOA written on small red houses
HOA: Everything You Should Know About Homeowners Associations
Bylaws, Educational, Financials, Oct 08, 2020
If you have ever thought about purchasing a new condominium or townhome, you may find that owning this dwelling type can come with many strings attached and hoops to jump through. That's because you aren't...