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The word mortgage written on small block pieces
HOAs Impact on Residential Mortgage Financing
Educational, Oct 20, 2020
Unless you are sitting on a large sum of money or have squirreled away a wad of cash stuck underneath your mattress, you will probably need to secure a loan to finance a new real...
Professional property management company handyman fixing a door.
HOAs: What to Look For in a Property Management Company
Educational, Oct 14, 2020
Helping to manage a homeowners association can be a lot of work, even in a limited capacity. If you are a member of the board of directors charged to help govern your organization and maintain...
Most Common HOA Bylaws Real Estate Investors Should Know
Bylaws, Educational, Oct 09, 2020
Condominiums and townhomes seem to be the perfect place to park extra cash and make it work for you. But as a savvy real estate investor, owning real estate that is also a part of...
HOA bylaws and rules
Must know HOA Bylaws and how do they affect you
Bylaws, Educational, Oct 09, 2020
A homeowners association, or an HOA, is a nonprofit organization whose primary goal is to maintain a safe and cohesive environment for the residential community. To do that, the HOA establishes a set of rules...
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Intro to HOA Bylaws, Boards, and Directors
Bylaws, Educational, Oct 09, 2020
Owning your own home can be a rich and rewarding experience. Many would epitomize it as having your piece of the American dream. But if you own a home that is part of a homeowners...
HOA Fees and Expenses: Where is Your Money Going?
Educational, Financials, Oct 09, 2020
There is no better feeling than being a homeowner, but sometimes owning your own home can feel like a lot of work. Mowing your lawn, replacing that old furnace, or even fixing a leaky faucet...
HOA Reserves in Jar
HOA Reserves: How Much Does Your Association Need to Set Aside
Educational, Financials, Oct 09, 2020
Much like running a traditional corporate business, operationally, the functions of a homeowners association tend to overlap in many ways. For example, there is a board of directors, a set of underlying rules or principles...
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HOA: Everything You Should Know About Homeowners Associations
Bylaws, Educational, Financials, Oct 08, 2020
If you have ever thought about purchasing a new condominium or townhome, you may find that owning this dwelling type can come with many strings attached and hoops to jump through. That's because you aren't...