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Building a Top-Notch Platform is All About Customers

Customer Experience,
Jan 10, 2023
by Editorial team

Building a high-performing platform is one hell of a job. It takes knowledge and research skills, but most importantly, it takes an amazing team of people who work together as a well-oiled machine and help each other every step of the way.

And if there is one most important thing that should be at the center of this process, it’s this:

Make your customers happy.

Happy customers are key to the success of any business. Ensure you exceed customer expectations and be responsive to their feedback. That’s our motto.

It’s all about the customers. Because if you don’t respect them, empathize with them and truly help them grow, they will leave you for someone who is ready to put in the effort. Sounds like a relationship, huh? Well, it is. And when it’s built on mutual respect you get beautiful messages like this one:

Building relationships with customers

There are several processes we have to ensure that our customers are happy and use our platform with ease. Sharing is caring, so here are our secrets: 

    1. We are laser-focused on providing exceptional customer service. 

    We have a team of HOA experts who monitor customer requests and make sure they are answered in under 30 minutes. They not only work together with the client to understand and resolve their questions asap but also keep the client in the loop on all updates to ensure full transparency. 

    We’ve been collecting all customer inquiries together with their feedback. Doing that allowed us to create a database of ways to help our customers. Sounds awesome, right? Well, it also allows us to help them FAST. And the customers appreciate it:

    Thank you! And same to you all! We've only been working with you for a little while, but so far my team is singing nothing but praise and relief at finally having a Vendor that cares about these files as much as we do.

    2. Feedback is important.

    Net promoter score (NPS) sounds very marketing-y and distant. Actually, it depends on how you do it. We use it as a starting point for our feedback collection.

    It starts with an email that our customer success team sends quarterly. It’s really just a button that our customers press to share how they feel about the platform and the team. We review the results and connect with customers to address concerns and clarify their questions.

    Our team conducts a 15-minute personal chat where we make sure to capture any ideas for improvement that our clients give us. The feedback is shared with the whole team, and we all sit down and figure out the best ways to make our customers’ lives easier.

    3. Our communication is regular and transparent.

    But that’s not all. We share our product updates with customers monthly. Our customer success team has regular catchups with clients to ensure they get the most out of the platform. They often manage to resolve customer questions directly in those catchups, which is impressive!

    We also do walkthroughs on the new product features for clients. They love it and say it helps their teams work more efficiently. And this is always highly praised:

    Wishing you and your entire team a fabulous Thanksgiving and a fun-filled holiday season! Everyone that I have interacted with at your company has been a joy to work with! Thanks for everything you'll do! Take care and have a wonderful day! :)

This brings me to my next point, and probably the key to our success.

Customers drive the development of our platform

Our customers tend to have brilliant ideas and custom requests for the platform. And it makes sense because they are the ones using the platform the most. They ACTUALLY know best! 

Many current features and recent updates that we’ve implemented are based on customer feedback and requests. And it’s the best way for us to improve our platform. Our engineering team is agile, and it takes them around one sprint to build a feature per customer request. 

We want our platform to be tailored to our customers’ needs because, at the end of the day, we want them to be comfortable using it. Do we charge extra for it? No, we don’t! 

It is our goal to build something that is intuitive, user-friendly, and yields great results. We help each other here: our customers give us feedback, and we give them exactly what they need.

This approach has brought us lots of loyal customers and referrals. And these little things our customers say to us warm our hearts:

I am thankful for your team! Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving to the IH Team :) Thank you for all you do for us
Happy Thanksgiving to our InspectHOA family!!
Thank you for your help for us. Happy Thanksgiving!
Hi Xenia,Thank you so much and Happy Thanksgiving to you all.You are all AMAZING!
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What our clients say about us?
Diana Casella, Ideal Title
A vendor that cares
We’ve only been working with you all for a little while, but so far my team is singing nothing but praise and relief at finally having a Vendor that cares about these files as much as we do.
Diana Casella, Ideal Title
Michelle Rose, Partner, Closing Day Settlements
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Number #1 for efficiency
I highly Recommend Marina Hubenova and sending all orders to InspectHOA. I love sending all my orders through their client portal or in Qualia. They are number #1 with efficiency and detailed reports. I never think twice on placing my orders with them.
Michelle Rose, Partner, Closing Day Settlements
Shawna Hernandez, Director of Escrow Operations, Endpoint
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A partner for innovation
We are constantly tweaking and refining our processes, so we needed a reliable partner that would go along this journey with us. And InspectHOA is exactly that.
Shawna Hernandez, Director of Escrow Operations, Endpoint
Lori, Escrow Support Supervisor
A huge win for us
Your team discovered the lien and let us know so we were able to get the payoff statement. We were also able to revisit the research and find the recorded lien.

This is a huge win for us – so THANK YOU for all you do!
Lori, Escrow Support Supervisor
Cristina Sadler, Escrow Officer, TransCounty
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A way to take back control
“I was worried the job wouldn’t get done, but it always gets done! It’s worth it; it’s beyond worth it!"
Cristina Sadler, Escrow Officer, TransCounty
Scott Young, EasyKnock
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A solution to a historical problem
"InspectHOA has been an instrumental partner in mitigating risk and creating efficiencies in our acquisition process. They are the solution to a historical problem that title companies and other vendors face in every transaction."
Scott Young, EasyKnock
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