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January Product Updates are here!

Product Updates,
Jan 26, 2023
by Editorial team

January has been FULL of updates. The InspectHOA order creation page has a brand new look after the holidays. Document upload functionality is now a part of the document creation process. But that’s far from all. Some of our users’ most anticipated additions have arrived. Let’s take a look!

📢 1. A more intuitive order creation page

The order creation page is now organized in two neat columns: one with the mandatory & commonly used fields; another with the optional fields. You will also find your preferred document choices pre-selected out of all options. This way your usual documents are always pre-selected when you create an order, saving you valuable time.

📢 2. Document uploads are here

No more waiting to upload key documents until the order is submitted. Now you can upload the documents when creating an order. Got an authorization form or questionnaire you’d like us to use? Drag it to the uploads section and you’re all set!

📢 3. Seller-Pays-First upgrades

For SPF enthusiasts, we now offer the option of entering the escrow officer’s and real estate agent’s details! That means we can cc the escrow officer or real estate agent on the emails we send to the seller to obtain payment. Keeping escrow and the agent in the loop can both legitimize the SPF emails in the eyes of the seller and increase the likelihood of them taking action on time. 

seller-pays-first upgrades

📢 4. Faster order loading

We’ve worked long and hard on optimizing everything optimizable to give you the lightning-fast speed that you deserve. The “View Orders” menu now lists orders per page to allow for faster loading. You can browse and spot the order you need even faster. Enjoy!

📢 5. Upcoming closing email reminders

Want a heads-up when a transaction is about to close? We’ve got you covered with this new feature. It sends you an automatic reminder the day before a transaction is expected to close. Pull up your documents and invoice and you’re all set! To request this feature added to your account, reach out to the customer success team.

📢 6. The next payment date is now available

HOA website URL & the next due date have been added to the highlights in our HOA Review report. We want you to have all crucial information at your fingertips. Curious to see how that would look? Talk to our sales team – they are friendly 🙂

next payment date

📢 7. New user commenting settings

By default, any user who comments on an order submitted by another user is subscribed to further communications on that order. It is now possible to change that setting to exclude commenters from receiving notifications on orders not submitted by them. Your CSM rep will help set it up for you.

📢 8. Customize your bylaw categories

Bylaw categories can now be customized to your needs. Choose your preferred categories, and you’ll see them reflected in the CC&Rs tool and the HOA report. Reach out to your customer success manager to get onboarded with this one.

📢 9. SPF status now added

For those of you using our Seller-Pay-First process, the Seller Payment Status is now visible on the order, under the pizza tracker, giving you full transparency into the progress at any point in time.

📢 10. SPF successful payment emails

Our system will automatically notify the sellers upon successful payment via email. This keeps everyone in the loop on their transaction, eliminating the need for a back-and-forth between all parties involved.

successful payment

📢 11. Fees breakdown in the invoice

Showing a breakdown of the InspectHOA fee is now possible. If the agreed-upon fee is for a bundle of products, you will see how much of our fee is allocated to obtaining each product (for example for the Status Letter and CIC documents).

📢 12. Post-closing section available on demand

The post-closing section, asking you to input details relevant to the post-closing process, is now available when you click on the request button. This means a cleaner and more user-friendly order page for all orders your team completes in the future. And if you do need to order post-closing, click the button and send us the details.

📢 13. Our bylaws tool has a share option

We have added a share icon to the bylaws on the order page. By clicking it, you can copy the bylaws tool link and share it as needed. It works like a charm!

💥 This month’s feature reminder: edit an order

This a quick reminder that you can edit any in-progress order in case order details have changed or new information needs to be added. You can update the order’s closing or due date, the address/unit, as well as seller and buyer details. Give it a whirl! And in case you don’t want to miss out on our updates:

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We’ve only been working with you all for a little while, but so far my team is singing nothing but praise and relief at finally having a Vendor that cares about these files as much as we do.
Diana Casella, Ideal Title
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Your team discovered the lien and let us know so we were able to get the payoff statement. We were also able to revisit the research and find the recorded lien.

This is a huge win for us – so THANK YOU for all you do!
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