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InspectHOA, Jan 07, 2022 by Editorial Team

We are excited to announce that InspectHOA is now a member of The Fund’s Vendor Marketplace!

The pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of the real estate industry. Consumer behavior has switched gradually to researching and purchasing online. Some of the real estate companies embrace technology, providing such services as online notarization, digital closings, virtual tours, and more. One of the biggest promoters of this change in Florida is The Fund, which is working towards creating a strong technology base and educational support environment for real estate lawyers and title agencies partly owned by attorneys. 

However, there is a part of the transaction that is still not impacted by any of this. Billions of industry dollars invested, and one of the single most important life decisions we make as an individual, often come down to missing or late HOA information. The nature of HOAs, such as volunteer boards, numerous property management companies, unique organizational structures, disparate information systems, and a deficiency of digital solutions, has caused a lack of true innovation in a critical part of the real estate transaction. Most of the real estate industry has innovated all along the home-buying customer journey. But HOAs remain the same as they were 20 years ago. It’s still hard to understand if your dream home is within an HOA and how to contact them. It’s still time-consuming and error-prone to acquire the needed HOA documents. It’s nearly impossible to sort through the myriad of documents and technical language to extract key data in a matter of minutes so the transaction closes on time. In our fast-paced world, it’s unnecessary, inefficient, and time-costly to go through the HOA processes.

That’s where we come. We have been on a mission to ensure HOAs never get between a buyer and their dream home. We bring simplicity to the end-to-end closing transactions and fully take over HOA matters so that real estate professionals could close transactions faster and focus on what they are best at. It is a natural step in our journey to join The Fund’s Vendor Marketplace, which helps us to carry out our mission through Florida.

The Fund, also known as Attorneys’ Title Fund Services, is a joint underwriting venture that was formed in 2009 by Attorneys’ Title Insurance Fund, Inc. and Old Republic National Title Insurance Company.  The joint venture provides technology, education, marketing support, and underwriting to Florida real estate attorneys in keeping with The Fund’s mission to preserve and facilitate the real estate practices of its Members in their protection of the public. 

We have joined The Fund’s Vendor Marketplace and its community of trusted, preferred vendors to support The Fund’s dedication to uplifting innovation in products and services that help professionals to close real estate transactions more easily and efficiently. HOAs were created to connect communities, not get in their way. InspectHOA brings a strong mix of operations and technology to make sure you never have to deal with HOAs. We handle all HOA communication, acquire and summarize all necessary HOA documents and provide a revolutionary HOA Review to make sure the HOA is consistent with the buyer’s business model or lifestyle.  Simply put, we deliver effortless efficiency to every HOA transaction, so our clients can close more homes and create happier outcomes without anxiety along the way.

In a world where speed and efficiency are key, it is important to remove unnecessary hurdles and utilize technology to make the home buying process a seamless experience. Together with the Fund, InspectHOA is getting closer to accomplishing our mission to bring transparency, efficiency, and joy to every HOA interaction.

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