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2022 Product Updates Highlights

Product Updates,
Dec 22, 2022
by Editorial team

2022 has been an incredible year: we’ve grown our team, got new amazing clients, and made a lot of improvements on our platform. Here are some of the most loved product updates for this year.

📢 1. Edit your order

Did the closing date change? Did you forget to enter the file number or the buyer’s name? No problem! You can adjust all this information (and more) via our new Edit functionality. Just navigate to the Order Details and hit Edit.

📢 2. Never forget the escrow number again

If you have a big processing team that places orders, then most likely your team members sometimes forget to record the escrow number, while creating orders. This is exactly how navigating the orders between the two systems becomes a nightmare.

But don’t worry! You can now request the file number to be set up as a required field in order creation. Just let your customer success manager know you want it, and we can get it running in no time.

📢 3. Cancel

Your transaction got canceled. Happens! Now you probably want to get refunded for the documents. We got you! 

Use the Cancel button in Order Details to make sure we acquire all possible refunds on your behalf. It will alert our analysts to start the cancellation process with the HOA or property manager immediately. And of course, you will always be in the loop. 🙂

📢 4. Pre-order

You have a two-leg transaction. Do you sometimes need to set up the second leg even before the first closes? But the closing date is 4-5 months away. What should you do? Don’t just keep it buried in a “pending” list and hope to remember to place it on time.

Use our new pre-order functionality. Our system will make sure it is processed exactly on time with no extra hassle on your side. If you feel this new feature is what you need – let us know, and we will help you start pre-ordering. 

BONUS: This functionality comes with a dashboard that shows all scheduled orders – to make sure you have set up everything you need!

📢 5. Custom due date

Does the standard “3 business days before closing due date” not work for you? Not a problem! We support a variety of service level set-ups. 

We can configure the due date to be calculated from the order date rather than the closing date. Even if you are not sure when the closing will happen, we will deliver everything exactly on time.

📢 6. HOA Access for investors

The home purchase closed. Congrats! Here is what we can do for you now.

HOA Access will:

  • collect payoff statements
  • handle violation resolutions
  • onboard tenants with the HOA
  • manage pool pass or keyfob requests
  • review the CCRs

Just navigate to Create Order in our portal and select the HOA Access order type.

📢 7. Team order

We have developed a fully automated team communication system that makes sure all interested parties are always in the loop throughout the transaction. If you have processors that work across jurisdictions, they can now place orders for multiple offices.

📢 8. Everything you need in an email

Our Order Complete emails now cover all HOA documents details. The invoice is attached, so the escrow account can be updated in seconds. 

If you service Colorado, everything is conveniently broken down to buyer and seller expenses. There is also a link to the documents folder where you can download your full package.

📢 9. Share with a partner

Our new documents folder is set up in such a way that you can securely and easily share it with partners: your title company, the buyer, the seller, or anyone else involved in the process. The link to the folder is available in the order complete email and via the Share All button on the Order Details page in our portal. It grants secure access to the documents without requiring your partners to register in our system.

📢 10. Peek inside our CC&R reviews

Have you wondered how we process CC&Rs THAT quickly?. We use machine learning and our vast experience interpreting the complex legal language of HOA documentation to capture all restrictions that might impact a transaction. You can see the results of that processing (with links to the exact document passages) in our CC&R tool.

That’s it! We hope you enjoyed this year (and our platform) as much as we did! We’ve got much more in the pipeline for the future, which we can’t wait to share. But there’s a time for everything 🙂

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