We become an extension of your team , so you never deal with HOAs again!

A powerful mix of operations, technology and customer service defines everything we do.

HOA Communication

We handle all pre and post-closing interactions with HOAs, confirming crucial data (lease restrictions, reserve levels, and more), investigating ad hoc situations like missing documents or litigations, and administering closing payments, deeds, and more.

Client Portal

  • Your HOA operating system where you can do everything HOA-related with a couple of clicks.
  • Create, edit or cancel orders and track their progress.
  • Securely store and access all your HOA documents.
  • See all the crucial HOA information extracted and summarized (Lease Restrictions, Reserves, and more).
  • Grab instructions on paying the closing fees to the HOA, or just hit a button, and we take care of it. Start a conversation with us. Go ahead, and check it.

HOA costs paid at closing

We cover all HOA payments, and you reimburse us at closing. Depending on your business model, we offer different invoice solutions and expenses breakdowns.

Searchable PDF documents

We use technology to make all HOA documents searchable which is otherwise impossible with scanned files.

API & Integrations

We are integrated with popular platforms like Qualia and others.

Business Differentiation

Real estate services don't have to be all the same. Our unique offering is an excellent driver of differentiation and revenue for your business.

Lightspeed response time

We offer 30 minutes initial response and 2-hour resolution timelines

E&O Insurance

Our industry leading low error rate comes together with an E&O insurance.

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