About Us

Our mission is to ensure HOAs never get between a buyer and their dream home.

HOAs were created to connect communities, not get in the way of them. We’re here to bring transparency, efficiency, and joy to every HOA interaction.

Billions of industry dollars invested, and one of the single most important life decisions we make as an individual, often come down to missing or late HOA information. Homeowners Associations were meant to be a connection point, not a roadblock. But there are hundreds of thousands of HOAs and each one is a little bit different. Amazingly, nearly half of all real estate transactions involve them.

Enter the Title Officer/Loan Officer/Real Estate Lawyer

Every day these unsung heroes sort out thousands of details over endless hours to connect buyers to their dream home. For them, it’s a labor of love – dotting i’s and crossing t’s is their superpower.

Too often HOAs are the biggest barrier in this process. While the Real Estate industry has evolved and innovated at almost every step of the process, HOAs still involve phone tags, strewn sticky notes, and perpetual headaches. For our heroes, the impact is lost time. Diverted attention. Increased risks. Fewer happy home buyers.

InspectHOA exists to ensure that HOAs never get between a buyer and their dream home

We understand how important deadlines are during the closing process. That’s why we’ve created a service platform that delivers effortless efficiency to every HOA transaction. Our solution is driven by a reliable operational team that will get the job done – no matter what. We’re enabled by an innovative tech platform that lets you see where everything is at all times, and almost magically surfaces the most important information from a sea of documents.

InspectHOA takes care of the entire HOA process for you – so you can spend less time jumping over hurdles and more time fulfilling dreams.

Leadership Team
CEO and Co-Founder
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Head of Operations
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Doba (Dobromir)
What our clients say about us
“InspectHOA takes care of HOAs. We no longer have to call them, email them or even think about them. We can now focus on Title & Escrow rather than HOA documents.”
Escrow Officer
Austin, TX
“Using InspectHOA's revolutionary solution, we differentiate ourselves, bring new revenue and make agents and buyers happy.”
VP of Sales, Title Company
Miami, FL
“Your technology to process the HOA documents and summarize everything for us saves us tons of time and costs.”
Title Officer
Seattle, WA