We bring efficiency, technology, and transparency to anyone dealing with HOAs

HOAs can present a significant obstacle for the real estate transaction process - we remove all the hurdles!
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Transparent finances
Understand and compare your HOAs fees, expenses and reserves.
Bylaws made simple
Know the rules that govern your community
Signs of trouble
Litigations and defaults can haunt HOAs for years
Mortgage factors
See what might impact your financing options
Your home is your biggest asset and your HOA impacts its value.
We analyze your HOA’s balance sheet and income statement and compare them to thousands of properties so you know what to improve.

  • Future fee projections
  • Expenses breakdown including regional and country comparison
  • Reserves levels adequacy and contribution analysis
Easily learn the rules that impact you!
Understanding all bylaws, covenants, conditions and restrictions is a daunting task. Let us read hundreds of pages and summarize them for you.

  • Lease restrictions
  • Pets policy
  • HOA/Owner responsibilities
  • Work from home possibilities
  • Literally everything else that matters
We check for signs of trouble in your HOA and community.
  • Current and past litigations against the HOA
  • Units overdue or in default
  • Sex offenders and other crimes on the premises
  • Number of foreclosures and more
The types of mortgage loans that are available to you depend on your HOA. We research
  • FHA/VA eligibility
  • Insurance coverage and requirements (flood/fire zone etc)
  • Reserves as percent of budget and units overdue
  • Owner occupancy and more
What our clients say about us
“InspectHOA takes care of HOAs. We no longer have to call them, email them or even think about them. We can now focus on Title & Escrow rather than HOA documents.”
Escrow Officer
Austin, TX
“Using InspectHOA's revolutionary solution, we differentiate ourselves, bring new revenue and make agents and buyers happy.”
VP of Sales, Title Company
Miami, FL
“Your technology to process the HOA documents and summarize everything for us saves us tons of time and costs.”
Title Officer
Seattle, WA
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